Arched flare M’COOK Bronze

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Arched flare M’COOK Bronze

AED 799.00 + 5% VAT

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Flared convex stainless steel rim cast iron edge pourer M’COOK B collection.

The rounded flare is an incredibly versatile tool, its shape resembles that of a saucepan or jumper with rounded edges, quite high. Perfect for both searing and delicacies, this cookware is very pleasant for all the different uses it offers. This curved flared shape is particularly suitable for delicate preparations such as sauces, sabayons … Its curved pouring edge makes it possible to pour very easily. M’COOK B range is one of the emblematic collections of the house Mauviel1830. With its cold bronze mount stamped Mauviel1830, the brand signs its creations and marks its difference by offering the highest culinary technology, with an undeniable elegance. This collection, specially designed to adapt to new cooking techniques such as induction, is a reference for catering professionals and the general public, due to its versatile use and excellent cooking performance. The range uses a 5-layer material: multi-layered stainless steel. The 5 layers are decomposed as follows: the first is made of stainless steel, the layers 2, 3 and 4 are three successive layers of aluminum which ensure a perfect conductivity thanks to a fast and uniform distribution of the heat and finally, the fifth and Last layer is made of ferritic stainless steel for induction cooking. This alloy allows optimized heat distribution over the entire surface of the product, saves time and saves energy.


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