Double Walled Glasses

The internet is exploding with the amount of love people have showered on double walled glasses. The fast selling and extremely stylish double walled glasses are available at BuyFnB.

Double Walled Glasses
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For a coffee lover, morning coffee is like a wake-up call refreshing the senses and preparing for the day. The traditional boring cups have been replaced by fancy-looking double walled glasses. BuyFnB is a double wall glass supplier in the UAE. With many hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops opting for stylish picks, BuyFnB has become a leading wholesale supplier of double walled glasses. The double walled glasses are a trendy pick as they’re microwave friendly and easy to maintain. The Thermo material ensures the drinks remain hot and cold for a long time. Double walled glasses have been one of the bestselling items on BuyFnB. For wholesale double wall glasses or retail double wall glasses simply order online and get double walled glasses in just 48-hours. Double wall glasses on BuyFnB are made in the UK and their superior quality and designer look have lured the minds of glass lovers. Some hotels and restaurants use these double walled glasses for desserts and other fancy mocktails. Lexi and Dorf are the two varieties BuyFnB offers. With many size options, shoppers can choose their favourite or simply shop the whole collection at BuyFnB’s online store.

Double Walled Glasses Wholesale

Be it espresso, americano, cappuccino, or latte, the double walled glasses from BuyFnB will give all the reasons to your guests to appreciate your glass choice as much as the coffee. Middle East region has always enjoyed the coffee experience and adapt to the trends that coffee community sets, the recent being the overwhelming attention received by double walled glasses. Influencers and professionals have popularized the stylish double walled glasses as a perfect coffee companion. At BuyFnB we make sure that have glasses are easily accessible to bulk buyers as well as retail shoppers. If you’re looking for a wholesale supplier of double walled glasses, then BuyFnB offers not just choices but also ready stock that can be delivered in just 48-hours. Partner with BuyFnB and pre-book the double-walled glasses that can be stocked for you and delivered when needed, save valuable storage space and maintain uniformity of your glassware. Shoppers can visit the HLAB in BuyFnB showroom and experiment by setting up coffee tables and exploring the range of double wall glasses. The barista products in BuyFnB have already gained credibility by the hospitality sector. Serve cookies or dates in a plate along with designer double walled glasses and magnify the coffee experience for your guests. The borosilicate body of the double walled glasses makes it heat resistant and easy to clean and store. Serving guests in double walled glasses are sure to fetch compliments. BuyFnB has successfully delivered wholesale double wall glasses to luxurious hotels, restaurants, and cafes across the UAE. Our friendly team analyzes the minds of barista and works to provide barista products that create a lasting impression.

Double Wall Glasses in Dubai

What distinguishes the double walled glasses at BuyFnB from the market is the premium quality and superior materials used to make it. For coffee shops looking for alternatives to the regular cups and mugs, these double walled glasses can surely lift the overall brand identity. The double walled glasses are made keeping the standard size in mind that’s matches most of the coffee machines. Bulk double walled glasses can arrive at your doorstep in just a few simple steps. Get brewing and celebrate the joy of sipping your favourite tea or coffee in double-walled glasses from BuyFnB. Order wholesale double wall glasses online and make your guests relish every sip of their beverage.